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Queen Anne's Lace is a specialty shop in Berlin, Ohio - Amish country. We feature victorian lace, jewelry, lotions, stationary, hats, and unique home furnishings. It's a place to expect the unexpected!

Queen Anne's is located in the historic Peter Pomerene House, a registered national historic site.

Lace has long been part of our treasured moments -- as simple as giving or exchanging gifts, as momentous as marriage and christening. Versatile lace lends it endearing beauty and enduring quality to home fashion as well. Used as window dressing, table decoration or wall d├ęcor, lace can create or complement looks as diverse as clean and classic, traditional and vintage.

If you've seen something in our shop and you can't find it here, or if you just can't find what you want here - please contact us.

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