How To Care for Lace

Heritage Lace

Most Heritage Lace products are 100% polyester, and can be cleaned in your washing machine. Use gentle or delicate setting. Do not use bleach.  Doilies, runners and tablecloths should be laid flat to dry.  Curtains should be immediately hung back on the curtain rod.  It is not recommended to put lace in the dryer.  Little to no ironing should be required. Touch up with a cool iron, if desired.

Macramé Lace is made of 1/3 cotton and 2/3 polyester, and so can be machine washed in warm water. Use the gentle setting. Do not use bleach. Macramé lace can be dried in a dryer until it is just lightly damp, then laid out until completely dry.

Ironing is not recommended for crushed lace products.

For lace products with fringed lace, hand wash in cold water with mild soap. Do not bleach. Take care not to tangle fringes (consider banding long fringes together for easier handling). Hang and gently separate fringes. Allow to air dry.

Old Lace Items

Try soaking overnight in cool water with a mild detergent (eg. Woolite). Rinse well in cool water. Then squeeze gently to remove excess water. Do not wring. Lay flat to dry on clean white or colorfast towels.

Stain Removal

A product like OxyClean should work well for removing most stains. Take care that your lace product does not have wool, silk, nylon or metallic threads. Follow the manufacturer's direction.

For rust stains, try a paste of salt and white vinegar and work into the stain with a soft brush. Rinse, then re-apply if the stain is stubborn or finish cleaning using the instructions above.


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