Friend Zi French Silk Powder - 1 cup

  • Model: Powder


Before you could buy powder in a store, women came up with their own recipes for powder. The recipe for this powder came from a wonderful 90 year old lady, who received the recipe from her grandmother.

Made from the finest French silk powder available, our signature body powder is hand-blended with selected oils imported from England. It is amazingly soft to the touch. Just rubbing the powder in between your fingers, you will know it's not your ordinary powder/talc. After your bath or shower, dust yourself in this luxury to feel romantically fresh and clean. Sprinkle in your bed sheets or mattress pad to help relax the mind and body as you lie down to rest at the end of the day. Our lambs wool puffs are a great compliment to the powder, especially as a gift.

Apply the Friend Zi body soufflé, than layer French Silk Powder over it! It will lock in the scent better and keep you dryer longer!!

Available in a "Shimmer Bag" with 1 cup of powder inside.

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